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The User’s Manual of Diamond Band Saw Blade



1 Installation and troubleshoot of the saw blade.

       Take out a new blade. Be sure the blade is expanded smoothly and naturally. Remove guard of the edge. All of the operation above must be done carefully.


       Make sure two wheels of the machine are paralleled and the peeling on the edge of wheels is not damaged. Under such circumstances, mount the saw blade in the right place of the wheels.


       Adjust the tension of saw blade up to about 100 Kg, and then turn the wheels by hands. Check the saw blade if any run-out back and forth takes place or not. If so, adjust the elevation of upper wheel to make the saw blade runs smoothly. (The tension of 100 Kg is only set for the 38MM’s saw blade. If any other special sizes, the adjustment has to be done by your own according to the specifications).


       Start machine and check the blade if running properly and smoothly under the low speed condition (100 rpm). If so, stop machine and adjust the tension of saw blade up to the working condition specified by the device. In the same low speed, adjust the gap between the oriented block of machine and the blade, the smaller the better. But, the friction between the oriented block and the blade can not be allowed.


2 Spindle speed

Spindle speed should be 600-1000 rpm. At the beginning, the spindle speed should be lower, and with a saw blade using, the spindle speed should be increased gradually but the maximum speed must be less than 1200 rpm. (The normal peripheral speed of saw blade is 20-30 m / s, the calculation formula is:



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d (mm) stands for pulley diameter and n for revolutions per minute).


3 Fix silicon

In order to avoid the instability and split of silicon material, the silicon material to be cut must be fixed properly.








4 The control for tension of band saw blade

If the tension of saw blade is too small, the friction will be not enough. The blade will be slip or fall off easily, and deviation will occur easily when cutting; if tension of saw blade is too large, the loads on the bearings of wheels will be large too. The big noise will take place, and the seals of bearings will be damaged and the saw blade will break easily. The tension of saw blade should be set according to the requirement specified by the equipments, normally 250-500 Kg. With the using of saw blade, the tension of saw blade should be increased circumstantial in case the blade is loose, wandering etc, but it should not exceed the maximum tension.


The maximum tension for our band saw blade is as follows: (width 60mm)


Thickness of blade basemm


Working TensionKG



The tension mentioned above is the maximum limit. It is not recommended to normal working. If such tension is applied for a long time, it will damage both saw blade and equipment.


5 feeding speed

Feeding speed should not be too fast (20-60mm/min should be available when cutting 256 mm cube). The special attention must be paid to the entry and the exit when cutting. Too fast entry will lead to blade distortion and uneven cutting face easily, and too fast exit will lead to edge chips of silicon even damage the silicon anchor. For intermediate feed, it should be proper. If too fast, it will lead to blade broken caused by tensile stress increasing on the backside of saw blade so as to reduce the working period of the blade.


6 Cooling agent supply

The cooling agent, with sufficient volume and full pressure, should be supplied before starting machine. The pressure should be over 0.14Mpa. The main nozzle of cooling agent should be aimed at the slit of the blade. Otherwise, the cooling of diamond will be not enough during the working resulting in cracks and carbonation of the diamond so that the tool life will be reduced.


7 Others

In order to avoid personal injury, touching the saw blade is not allowed when it is running. Any questions and requirement, please contact us and equipment’s manufacturer without any hesitation.