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Wire blades used to cut special patterns and shapes out of foam, rock wool and cellular glass?  These continuous wire blades are wound so that the outer layer of wire acts as an abrasive when it is pulled through the material being cut. 


People often ask if a wire blade will fit on their regular band saw.  The simple answer is no because the wires need to ride in a 2.25mm deep  V  shaped groove cut into the surface of the wheel.  This groove keeps the blade in place when cutting.


For optimum wire blade life, make sure that the tension is set below the maximum 36 to 43.5 P.S.I. (2.5 to 3 Bar) and that the blades do not exceed 3500 to 4000rpms.  We also suggest lubricating the blades occasionally with some lightweight silicone oil or paraffin wax to allow the inner wires to move against the outer wires without fatigue.  It is important that the blades be installed in the proper rotational direction, which is marked by a directional arrow on the blade.


Queenbee wire blades are available in four different levels of abrasiveness depending on the density or type of product being cut.  Fine grade blades would be used for soft foam and coarse grade wire blades would be used for very dense foams and cellular glass.  Our wire blades can be ordered in endless lengths from 1500mm to about 12,000mm long.  Because of the manufacturing process, rolls of blade wire are not available.  Stainless steel outer wires are available by special request.


Queenbee wire blades are available in four different grades to cut a variety of products and densities.  From the top: Fine, Medium, Coarse and Extra Coarse.

Wire saws have special urethane wheels with a V shaped groove that the wire blades ride in.